It all started more than 20 years ago with the beginning of a relationship between two young people, Vanda and André, from Setubal, in love with their region and, of course, in love with their blue river, the “Rio Sado”.

Both are divers, with ocean skipper license, experienced nautical instructors with an enormous knowledge of the sea, the region and the Sado River.

To pass on the vast knowledge of this fantastic region, in 2015 Vanda and Andre founded Setúbal Alive. Since then, Setúbal Alive offers private boat tours, either on small boats, or bigger, such as an exclusive yacht or a traditional motor sailer.

Vanda and Andre accompany their guests on these boat tours, showing them the most spectacular places, stop for swimming at beautiful, hidden and very different places and, with luck, are able to show their guests the family of dolphins which is living in the Sado estuary.

All tours can be planned individually and absolutely according to the wishes of the guests to make them unique and unforgettable. Even meals can be ordered.

But, there is also the possibility of renting a boat or jet ski without crew. Like this, you can be your own captain on “your own boat” and give the family or friends unforgettable and unique experiences.

There are several types of boats in order to meet the most diverse needs.

Even different tours for different occasions such as: birthday parties, sunset tours, bachelor parties or corporate events can be planned.

All information can be found on the website or, if preferred, by phone (+351) 967 622 469. All advice is provided individually and tailored to all needs.


Pick a guided and/or private boat tour: 


From 560 €
Passengers Up to 18 Boat Speed and Engine  Yanmar Boat Dimensions 13.6 m

 Mallorquina Sailboat

From 280 €
Passengers Icon Up to 14 Boat Engine and Speed Motorsailer Boat Dimensions 12 m


From 270 €
Passengers Up to 7 Boat Speed and Engine Volvo 20hp Boat Dimensions  10 m

 SACS Boat Rental

From 210 €
Passengers Icon Up to 10 Boat Engine and Speed Honda 150hp Boat Dimensions 6 m

 BWA Boat Rental

From 220 €
Passengers Icon Up to 12 Boat Speed and Engine Suzuki 150hp Boat Dimensions  6,5 m

 Selva Boat

From 180 €
Passengers Icon Up to 7 Boat Engine and Speed Selva 100hp Boat Dimensions  5,80 m

 Greenline luxury yacht

Greenline 48
From 850 €
Passengers Icon Up to 10 Boat Engine and Speed Hybrid Boat Dimensions 16 m

 Nireus Boat

From 190 €
Passengers Icon Up to 8 Boat Speed and Engine Yamaha 115hp Boat Dimensions  5.7 m


Cap Camarat
From 160 €
Passengers Icon Up to 6 Boat Speed and Engine Honda 75hp Boat Dimensions  5.15 m

 San Remo

San Remo
From 160 €
Passengers Icon Up to 6 Boat Engine and Speed Yamaha 80hp Boat Dimensions 5,65 m

 Saver Boat

From 170 €
Passengers Icon Up to 6 Boat engine and speed Yamaha 100hp Boat Dimensions 5,80 m


Kelt Azura
From 140 €
Passengers Icon Up to 5 Boat Engine and Speed Icon Yamaha 50 hp Boat Dimensions Icon 5 m

 Jet ski Yamaha VX 110

Jet ski Yamaha Cruiser
From 120 €
Passengers Icon Up to 3 Boat Speed and Engine Yamaha 110hp Boat Dimensions 3.30 m

 Jet ski Yamaha Sport

Jet ski Yamaha Sport
From 120 €
Passengers Icon Up to 3 Boat Speed and Engine Yamaha 110hp Boat Dimensions 3.30 m